wwPoint Cash Rebate System
How accumulated points?
For every RM1 = 1 wwPoint


How to get more wwPoint?
Method 1: for every RM1 = 1 wwPoint, the more value you buy from website, the more points you can get.
Method 2: to get 1000 wwPoint once you register account as our website member.


How to get cash rebates?
Accumulated 100 wwPoint = RM1
Accumulated 200 wwPoint = RM2
And so on…
For example: Cumulative 1000 wwPoint = RM10
Accumulated points expire?
There is no expiry date for wwPoint .



wwPoint 現金回扣系統 Cash Rebate System



每消費RM1 = 1 wwPoint



方法一:每消費RM1 = 1 wwPoint,消費越多可以得到更多分數

方法二:加入官網會員,立即獲得1000 wwPoint



累計100 wwPoint = RM1

累計200 wwPoint = RM2


例如:累計 1000 wwPoint = RM10



wwPoint 是不會過期的哦~


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