Everyday 免洗消毒喷雾 40ML

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💦EVERYDAY Stay Safe Hand Sanitiser 免洗消毒喷雾 40ML 💦

💧EVERYDAY Stay Safe 喷雾消毒洗手液拥有两种不一样的香味, 40ML的容量, 双倍快乐及安全💧

1. Signature 香水味:香水味除了能消毒除菌,还能去除身上异味,以及一直拥有独特香味
2. Lemon Grass 香茅柠檬味:香茅味除了能消毒除菌,还有着驱蚊以及提神作用,拥有小清新淡淡的香味

• 40ML容量
• 可以喷达600次
• 不粘不腻,含有芦荟成分
• 含有70%酒精成分
• 99%消毒杀菌功效
• 不刺激,适合敏感肌肤,小孩子也可以使用
• 酒精杀菌,芦荟慈润,香味清新
• Ins 颜值高,品质佳

💧EVERYDAY Stay Safe Hand Sanitiser have two different fragrance, it is 40ml volume per item. Affordable price with double protection and happiness, choose EVERYDAY hand sanitiser.💧

🔵Fragrance Choices:
1. Signature Fragrance: Able to cover up peculiar smell and having unique fragrance surround you.
2. Lemon Grass Fragrance: Lemon grass able to function as mosquito repellent and having refreshing effect.

• 40ML volume per item
• Can spray up to 600 times
• Non-sticky, contains aloe vera
• Contains 70% alcohol
• 99% disinfection and sterilization effect
• Not irritating, it is suitable for sensitive skin and suitable to be used by kids
• Alcohol kills germs and bacteria, Aloe Vera moisturizing, fresh fragrance
• High Ins appearance, good quality